Tanit Phoenix Named As Possible Wonder Woman

Tanit Phoenix Named As Possible Wonder Woman

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In case you missed the news, Wonder Woman is now headed to TV, not the silver screen, and Ally McBeal’s David E. Kelley is the man in charge of running her show.

Over at What’s Playing there’s a vague and tentative story about how South African model is somebody that might possibly end up on a potential list of possible maybe potential Wonder Women. It’s the best there is so far, though, and I know popular Diana has proven to be with you lovely Little Bleeders. So – Tanit Phoenix. It looks like she could use a break. She’s been in a Lost Boys sequel, had a small part in Lord of War and will crop up in Death Race 2, and she looks like this:

I hope I don’t have to remind you of what Steve Lieber was saying about your cellmate…

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