Flashing Back With Wonder Woman

Flashing Back With Wonder Woman

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Remember when we ran some lovely Wonder Woman artwork-that-never-was a while back? Specifically some from Drew Johnson, from a project written by Micheal Jelenic, writer of the Wonder Woman animated DVD?

Well, it looks like it might not be quite-so never-was after all. An interview we linked to last week with inker Ray Snyder last week, has the lead in;

His work on a riveting fill-in story for the “Wonder Woman” series with former Macon resident Drew Edward Johnson will hit stands in the coming months.

With later elaboration;

…an upcoming story arc in the “Wonder Woman” series, which began as an inventory story intended to give the monthly book’s regulars a chance to catch up. It became a fill-in for the series — as a flashback — that could’ve made it as a stand-alone book.

No jacket required…

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