Baz Luhrmann Shopping Around For The Best Daisy

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It seems that Baz Luhrmann is yet to be convinced by Rebecca Hall’s Daisy.

I reported before on how Luhrmann had a workshop session on his Great Gatsby project with Leonardo Di Caprio, Tobey Maguire and Rebecca Hall. Now Deadline are reporting that, while Di Caprio and Maguire have been left in position, Luhrmann is seeing other actresses, shopping around before he settles for Ms. Hall. Because he’s not happy? Because the moneymen aren’t? There’s no clue.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the first thing Ms. Hall heard about this development  was via the internet. What scumbags we can be. I feel guilty for my part in it, no matter how small.

Here’s a list of other potential Daisy players:

Keira Knightley

Amanda Seyfried

Blake Lively

Abbie Cornish

Michelle Williams

Scarlett Johansson…

…and Natalie Portman

In the aftermath of Black Swan, Portman has been on pretty much every list for every leading female role that anybody has ever started rumours about. I wonder how that feels? Also note that Darren Aronofsky has been courted for a whole slew of directorial positions too. People sure love that Black Swan.

Seems to me like Rebecca Hall is as good an actress as, if not better than, anybody on that list – and anybody else you could think of to add to it. If there was anybody in that workshop I’d be shuffling to the bottom of the pack it’d be Di Caprio.

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