I’ve Been Pasting Spielberg’s Tintin On Top Of Herge’s – Look What I’ve Made – UPDATED TWICE

Empire are currently in the process of teasing our first ever image from Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s Tintin. At the time of posting, they’ve revealed ten details from the big image that, I’m guessing, will be with us in full tomorrow the morning.

I’ve recognised that the pieces actually seem to fit one particular and famous image of the boy reporter, so I’ve taken the Herge cartoon and pasted – a little approximately, I admit – the teaser fragments on top. Have a look.

This photo-realistic rendering is freaking me out a little. Especially as the silhouette of Tintin’s nose and mouth show how stylised his face is.

UPDATE: He now has a patch of hair. Very realistic looking hair.

SECOND UPDATE: He now has two quiffs. Because the one in the toon and the one in the CG image are in very different places. Next stop – the full reveal.