Trailer For William Monahan’s London Boulevard With Colin Farrell, Ray Winstone And Keira Knightley

Trailer For William Monahan’s London Boulevard With Colin Farrell, Ray Winstone And Keira Knightley

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It’s just a few weeks until the directorial debut of William Monhan, screenwriter of The Departed, is upon us. And I mean “us” as in Rich and I, because we’re in the UK. The US release is still someway off, in February of next year. Some of you might want to be jealous.

London Boulevard has been adapted from Ken Bruen’s crime novel and, apparently, a former student from my school has a really small role in some scene or another. Either that or he was an extra who talked up his part somewhat. We’ll see. He certainly isn’t in this trailer.

Ray Winstone I like, I was a long time Knightley sceptic until I saw Never Let Me Go, but I’ve been more often convinced by Mr. Farrell. While I’m not sure this film is really to my taste overall, there’s something nicely rough and almost old fashioned about some of these images.

Here’s the blurb from novellist Bruen’s website:

Mitchell is finally free after a stint in prison for assault. A crony offers him a job as a loan-shark enforcer, and though Mitchell isn’t crazy about the idea, he doesn’t have any better offers. He’s perfect for the job – mean and merciless. But he’s also got another, softer side: he’s an avid reader of crime novels, he’s a loyal friend, and he’d even like to get married one day if he can find the right woman.

He figures his luck might have changed when he lands a legitimate job as a handyman for a rich actress who’s eager to reward him with cash, cars, and sex. Then he meets Aisling – smart, beautiful, and, best of all, as crazy about Mitchell as he is about her. But Mitchell can never truly escape his violent past or the dangerous world of loan sharks, druggies, and other bottomfeeders. When an arrogant error in judgment threatens everything that’s dear to Mitchell, he plots his own ghastly form of revenge on those who’ve stolen his life.

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