Our First Images From Peter Jackson And Steven Spielberg’s Tintin

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Shall we play a game? I’m fresh out of warheads, unfortunately, so it can’t be Global Thermonuclear War. I guess we’ll have to stick to Empire Online‘s What’s This A Detail From?

Spoiler: they’re all details from the first ever image from the Tintin movie. I’ll bet my house on it.*

At the moment, the page shows the following four details:

Well, that’s obviously a mystery yellow surface, some of Snowy’s hair, Tintin’s jacket and Captain Haddock’s jumper. For the movie, Tintin was motion-performed by Jamie Bell, Captain Haddock by Andy Serkis.

There’s eight more tease-frames to come before the whole thing is revealed, presumably on Monday morning. I imagine the full picture will also feature in their new print issue, most likely on the cover. That factor could result in an early leak, but I’m not holding my breath.

As you can see, the textures are very detailed and almost entirely convincingly “actual”. The character designs, however, are said to to be stylised and cartoony which I’m not sure goes too well with photorealism. I’m a little bit frightened that they might look rather freaky. I hope there’s someone around to hold my hand when this game gets to the faces.

*I rent.

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