Freakangels Wins Best Online Comic At The Eagles

Freakangels Wins Best Online Comic At The Eagles

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I’ve been watching The Eagles Awards via a live stream on MCM Buzz and, within seconds of Bleeding Cool not winning best website (because you didn’t vote, I think) Rich was on stage anyway, collecting a prize on behalf of Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield.

The prize in question came because Freakangels was named the voters’ favourite webcomic of the year. Rich said quite a bit when collecting the prize but it wasn’t broadcast. Maybe he can edit this post and replace the following line of Blah Blah Blah with a polished, improved version of whatever joke he was trying to make.

Blah blah blah. Blah. Blahdy blah. BLAAAAAH!

Congratulations to Warren and Paul. Well deserved.

Mr. Ellis has also been named Favourite Writer too ahead of Alan Moore and the very, very well cheered Tony Lee. At time of publishing, the awards are still ongoing so tune in. Ben Mortimer’s commentary “from the booth” is particularly hilarious when he’s talking over the people on stage – you wouldn’t want to miss it.

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