Wim Wenders Interested In Making A Film About Sexual Abuse In The Catholic Chuch

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There’s a lot of reasons to love Wim Wenders, not least of them his films. I’ve always been right there with his passionate dislike of zooms, and this week he’s been campaigning to get European Film Studies on to school curriculums, concerned that young people are “growing up with only one kind of visual food”. He’s even been shooting a small, domestic drama in 3D to better show the potential of the format.

And, in the last month, German TV has been screening Breaking the Silence Breaks the Power of the Perpetrator, a public announcement film that Wenders has directed to encourage victims of abuse by by members of the Catholic church to speak out.

Talking to the AFP, Wenders has revealed that he’s considering the same subject for a potential feature film. He certainly has both the passion and the material to make a very direct and powerful picture. He told the AFP:

You can’t have sympathy with the church.. [violators] must not be protected for any reason – it only perpetuates the evil… I’ve read lots of letters and spoken to lots of people coming out through this campaign.

With such passion and such purpose often comes great pictures. I hope Wenders finds the support and finance necessary to bring the project to fruition.

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