How Does The Thing Prequel Tie In With Carpenter’s Classic? Easter Eggs Ahoy!

If you aren’t in love with John Carpenter’s The Thing then I don’t think I can be in love with and this whole Bleeding Cool free love commune idea is just going to fall apart. But if you are (and you really are, I know you are) then you’ll be as fascinated by this as I was.

Be prepared, though, for the kind of spoilers that are, in truth, just warnings of spoilers. What I getting at by that, I guess, is something to do with how going in to see The Sixth Sense would be very different if you knew nothing about it, as opposed to if you’d been steamrollered with hype about how it has an amazing twist.

io9 caught up with some of the Thing prequel’s cast and creatives to ask “What is your favourite detail from John Carpenter’s movie that appears in the prequel”. The following video is the result:

Intriguing stuff, and more compelling than the (admittedly rather good) trailer that was also played at Con.