Wednesday Runaround – Scott McCloud’s Future Of Comics Steps Closer

GrooWatch: The pumpkin you should never call a mendicant

BastardWatch: David Baillie plugs Bastards.

TVWatch: Dexter motion comics with Bill Siekiewicz, David Mack, Kyle Baker and Ty Templeton… but not for non-Americans.

StripWatch: The LA Times changes cartoon strips. Gets letters…

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Scott McCloud | Journal » Archive » PayPal Launches Micropayments, Uses Words like “Frictionless,” Pleases Cartoonist

THIS is so close, in almost every respect, to what we were asking for over a decade ago, it’s almost eerie. They’re even using the same language to describe it. I’ve got a graphic novel to draw, so I’ll stay on the sidelines for a while, but you can bet I’ll be keeping an eye on this one, and I hope you do too. And yes, if it flies, I’ll be gloating for a reeeally long time.

PvPonline » Archive » Garry Trudeau Is Probably Right

No, we’re all in free-fall together. And Web comics don’t seem to be an alternative, unless you’re uninterested in making a living. There are so many entertainment alternatives to comics now, I’m not sure they’ll be much missed. In their heyday, comics were a dominant force in popular culture, but that’s over.


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Comic Legend Arthur Suydam’s Moment » The Moment

I was in the hospital for a year, wrapped up like a mummy from head to toe. They thought I was going to die. I had to learn to walk again a year later. From that moment on, I have always felt like I lost a year out of my life. I grew up with kids who were one year younger than me. So I tried to make up for that lost year physically and mentally. I developed a competitive nature. When I was in the hospital that year, my parents brought me comic books. When I was released, I started drawing characters from the comic books. Lo and behold fifteen years later, as I was young adult and I was a professional comic artist.

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