The Dark Knight Rises, The Riddler Doesn't - Solid Info On Nolan's Next

The Dark Knight Rises, The Riddler Doesn’t – Solid Info On Nolan’s Next

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The official title of Chris Nolan’s third Batmovie is going to be The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan revealed this Geoff Boucher, while also stamping out speculation that the film will feature The Riddler.

Warner Bros. have also decided that Nolan should be able to film in IMAX, but not 3D. That’s one way in which he might bear comparison to Kubrick, I suppose – being allowed to do what he wants, rather than what the market suggests. It sounds like the whole film is going to be filmed in IMAX, but this isn’t clarified.

There’s actually not much else to be gleaned from Boucher’s article (other than the fine writing, of course) but just these two facts are enough to start some hardcore fan speculation, I’m sure.

So, on with it.

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