Numbercrunching CLiNT #3

Numbercrunching CLiNT #3

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Cost: £3.99

How many Dandys is that? 2 2/3

Pages of Kick-Ass 2: 8

Really quite interesting revelations therein: 2

Pages of Turf: 12

Pages of Rex Royd: 11

Female Rex Royd characters shown on their backs, legs apart, mid-coitus: 2

Pages of Chosen American Jesus: 12

Pages of Nemesis: 24

Pages of Bruno Letizia’s Lost Soldiers: The Fall of the Fortress: 4

Claims that strip is presented by Mahatma Gandhi: 1

Disclaimers that it actually isn’t: 1

Probability of that running joke having gotten a bit old now: 1

Tips on how to survive a zombie apocalypse: 4

Actors who were fired then named in 12 Actors Who Were Fired: 12

Pages peppered with old Tarantino quotes from other publications’ interviews and dressed up like there might be something new here though there absolutely isn’t: 3

Questions set by Jimmy Carr and answered by Russell T Davies: 17

Questions set by Mark Millar and answered by Robert Kirkman: 1

Pictures of a fully dressed woman in a bath looking like a spliced version of Lauren Laverne and Cate Blanchett: 1

Pages given over to flogging dead YouTube memes: 3

But if you don’t count the first page which is basically just a big ?, a headline and a subheadline: 2

Pages of Al Murray’s Tour Diary: 1

Paragraphs within that echo my opinions on the iPad: 1

Amount of my £3.99 I think was asking too much: £.50

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