Don't Tilt Your Head Rob Liefeld - The BBC Psychoville Hallowe'en Trailer

Don’t Tilt Your Head Rob Liefeld – The BBC Psychoville Hallowe’en Trailer

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It’s a trailer for the Psychoville Hallowe’en Special on BBC 2. Based on the cursed video from The Ring movies,you’ll also see references to Paranormal Activity, Saw, Jacob’s Ladder, Nightmare on Elm Street and even Un Chien Andalou and The Eye.

Brendon won’t watch this because it’s got clowns in it. But here’s a still of a blackboard.

What’s Rob Liefeld doing in it? And was that his name mentioned by the voiceover?

Turns out it’s one of those things where you can put anyone’s name in, then e- mail it to them. Have fun!

Psychoville airs at 10pm on BBC2 on the 31st October.

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