The Mystery Of Marvel’s Sixteen Missing Pages

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Just in time for Hallowe’en, out comes Marvel’s Tomb Of Terror advertising on the cover 48 All-New Pages In Glorious Black And White with a price point of $3.99. With Man Thing, Werewolf-By-Night and Damian Hellstrom.

And one Little Bleeder was happy to pick it up on that basis.

However, on returning home, something seemed a little lacking. A little less than expected. A little… thin.

One numbercrunching later and the truth was out. Tomb Of Terror only had… 32 Pages.

Cue dramatic notes played on an organ.

The book was solicited to retailers as a 32 page volume. But that cover promise was to consumers.

So has Marvel attempted to mislead readers? I have an alternative. That those sixteen pages are not missing, they are in the volume as printed, but are so horrific that anyone who reads them is forced to forget what they have read or face going insane.

And such an explanation means that Marvel doesn’t have to give any money back, it’s your inferior panicked brain that is at fault, not them…

UPDATE: Little Bleeders point out that the book was originally solicted as 48 pages long, and solicitations have been changed since then.

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