Thanks For Tidying That Up, Mr. Zemeckis – Yellow Submarine Is “All Ahead Full”

Posted by October 26, 2010 Comment

Cary Elwes said that Yellow Submarine would be motion-capturing in April 2011, but David Tennant thought the film had “gone away”. To settle things, we now have word from the film’s director, Robert Zemeckis.

He was questioned at Back to the Future anniversary promotion by Movief… Cinemat… er… the Moviefone movie blog, Cinematical. Though he provided no more details, Zemeckis did say the film was “All ahead full”.

Now, I’m utterly non-Naval in every way, but I’m sure he meant that the film is actually going to happen. Either that or it’s loaded up with seamen and is and go for a plunge. One or the other.

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