Ten Thoughts About Sarah Jane Adventures: Death Of The Doctor Part Two

Ten Thoughts About Sarah Jane Adventures: Death Of The Doctor Part Two

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Here we go. How was yesterday for you? Americans, were the torrent streams working fine for you? Because now it’s time for Part Two… yesterday we left the Doctor suffering at the hands of the Shansheeth – alive, yes, but possibly not for long. We’ve had the regeneration extension, we’ve found out what happened to a stack of old characters… what else went on in my head?

1. It’s A Quarry

Doesn’t this feel like old school Doctor Who? An onld quarry in Wales with a red filter dropped on top? A throwaway location, it  becomes something so much more, especially to Jo Grant.

2. “Bunch Of ASBO kids”

See? Class warfare always at the heart of Russell T Davies Doctor Who-related projects. In this case, posh girl Unit soldier dismissing the kids for being, well, chavs.

3. The Lament Of Jo Grant

“We’d been travelling down the Amazon for months and we’d reached a village in Crystallino and it was the only place in thousands of miles that had a telephone so I called you I just wanted to say hello they told me that you’d left, left UNIT, never came back, so I waited, I waited because you said you’d see me again you did I asked you and you said yes you promised so I thought, oh one day I’d hear that sound deep in the jungle, I’d hear that funny wheezy noise and a big blue box right in the middle of the rainforest because, you see, you’d never just leave me, not forever, not me. I’ve waited my whole silly life…”

4. It’s Always Hot In Groskville

Isn’t that always the way? You hide away from the action for a sneaky pizza, they turn it into a pizza oven.

5. What Race And Regeneration Are You?

We’ve already done this. Linkage linkage.

6. They Do Look Like Hand Puppets But They’re Not Actually Evil

The Shansheeth may be misguided, but are not bad guys. Undertakers at the end of their tether – and not the carrion eaters their physical appearance suggests. They want to eliminate death by controlling time. They are not selfish, but altruistic, though fundamentalist in their outlook. The UNIT soldier however? That’s another story. And the soldier has her own personal loss to counter… quite subtle, that one.

7. Creating A Key

Oh you thought yesterday’s episode was flashback city? This is flashback continent, and with plot driven reason too. We get flashbacks for the Tenth, Fifth, Fourth, Third, Second and First Doctors – handy having Jo Grant who was around for The Three Doctors there… And yes, yes, the old give them what they want, give them more than what they want, give them everything, overload the system trick. Really? Well, I suppose it’ll be new to the kids.

8. The Slash Fiction Photo That Some People Have Been Waiting Decades For

Didn’t quite nuke the fridge, but they did blow up the coffin. I’m still not sure lead lining works this way. I know the Doctor fancies writing a thesis on the aptness of it all, but I’d be more interested in the basic physics here.

9. “Hmm. Smells like roast chicken”

Although I could kiss the Grosk for that line. But the naughty UNIT soldier? Surely there’s more room in there for two… also, looks like we’ve got a gay dad somewhere in the Grant lineage…

10. As for the Whatever-Happened-To-Everyone Bit…

Again with the linkage linkage…

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