Part Man, Part Machine, All Darren Aronofsky Movie

Part Man, Part Machine, All Darren Aronofsky Movie

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I don’t know if any Little Bleeders were subscribers to Max Barry’s Machine Man, a one-page-per-day sci-fi serial that ran from March to December 2009? I’ve only read the 43 first (free) pages and they were pretty good, but I obviously can’t vouch for acts two and three at all.

Here’s how Barry himself answered the question “What is it about?”:

A man loses a leg in an industrial accident and decides to build a better one. Because that’s the kind of guy he is. He gradually gadgetifies himself, which attracts the attention of his employer, the Better Future corporation.

You can sign up to get all 185 pages online for $6.95 or wait until next Spring, when a rewritten version will be published as a novel. Or you might be really lazy like everybody I remember from my A-Level English Literature and just wait for the film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Darren Aronofsky is currently developing the Machine Man adaptation and will eventually direct it. The script is to be written by Mark Heyman, who produced Aronofsky’s The Wrestler and also co-wrote his latest, Black Swan. Insert reference to the Robocop reboot that Aronofsky almost made here, because I’m not sure I quite made it obvious enough with the headline.

I’ll assume that Aronofsky and Heyman will be working from the re-written manuscript and not the online serial. There’s to be plenty of time to polish and hone even further, anyway, as Aronofksy has the small matter of a Wolverine sequel to take care of first.

It’s sweet how much the actual form of this project mirrors its subject: eked out online, the serial was an ever-growing cyber project and an experiment with a new technological form; now it’s being reworked and improved, and has even become the target of an interested third party.

Sign me up for a paper copy of the book next Spring, and consider that my gesture of resistance towards the encroaching cybernetic age. If I’ve learned one thing this week it’s that there’s a robot uprising coming to bring about some kind of apocalypse… on our movie screens if nowhere else.

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