Chris Nolan Is About To Meet Potential Leading Ladies For His Next Batmovie

Chris Nolan Is About To Meet Potential Leading Ladies For His Next Batmovie

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In something like 190 words time, what you’ll have learned is that there’s a female lead role in the next Batmovie, how old the actress will be and just what we know, so far, about who the character is. That’ll do, right?

This week, say Moviehole, Chris Nolan will be meeting a stream of actresses he’s considering for this lead role. They’re being described as young, specifically “Late 20′s, early 30′s”. This compares to Christian Bale’s 36 years, so it’s not one of those Bruce-and-Tess May-to-December things.

According to Moviehole’s source, a number of the actresses don’t even know what they will be trying out for. I can assume they therefore don’t know it’s going to be Nolan seeing them, because that would be a giveaway. This begs the question: who turns up for that kind of meeting? And how do you prepare? Anyway, they’ll all know by now. Word gets round.

Is this going to be a new love interest for Bruce? A character from established Batlore? Maybe it will even be one of the femme fatales of Gotham. Indeed, Moviehole’s source seems to think the part in question is Catwoman, Selina Kyle. Why so? They say:

Some of the beauties coming in to chat with Christopher would suggest that.

Beauties? Ewww.

Okay then, ladies and gentlemen, your speculation please. Utter disbelief is, as ever, an option.

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