Bluewater Making It Up For 2011

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Bluewater Producstion are best known for two things. Their biographical comic line, and their work-for-hire back end contracts…

Well, next year they seem to be upping their fiction comics considerably.

Including the headline friendly Mis-Adventures Of Adam West drawn by Lipe, the headline baiting Jailbait by Mary Jo Pehl and Adrian Rodriguez, about a team of young women hunting down paedophiles, the trademark-similarity-taking-advantage-of Wrath Of The Titans: Revenge Of Medusa written by publisher Darren G Davis and presumed-relative Scott Davis, ITV-style-detective-pun-title Styx And Stone written by Adam Gragg and drawn by Stefano Cardoselli & Matias, the easily titled Judo Girl by Chad Rebmann and Gregg Paulsen, the Legend Of Isis/10th Muse Crossver by Kenton Daniel and Beniamino Bradi, the topical Distrotions Unlimited by Daniel Crosier, Crisman Strunk and Ozzy Longoria about miners trapped after a cave-in, the damn-I-had-this-idea-and-never-got-it-together Paparazzi by Adam Gragg and Gregg Paulsen about superheroes being hunted down by the paps in LA, the prequel-to-Victoria’s-Secret-Service, Rain by Nick Lyons, Gregg Paulsen & Jorge Mongiovi, the consonant-heavy Vss: Nemesis Rising Vs Gearz One Shot by Dan Rafter and K Michael Mayne and nothing-to-do-with-Rand Atlas: Greetings From Earth by Bob Larner as an all-ages Gods on Earth epic.

Here, have some covers…

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