Star Trek Rushes Special – Mystery She Vulcan, Villain Gets Named, Pegg Reveals Shoot Date

There’s been a few bits and pieces of Star Trek sequel business come to light today, and I want to try and put them all under the one umbrella. A small umbrella. Think Totoro.

Badass Digest are reporting that Khan will most definitely not be the villain of the next Trek. Indeed, they actually provide the name of the classic character who they say will be taking centre stage. Here’s the catch – they hide it in amongst a few other names. The villain of Star Trek has been named, but we still don’t know who it is – a prime bit of hiding a book in the library.

According to the Digest’s sources we can look forward to one of the following:

Harry Mudd, Trelane, Gary Mitchell, The Talosians, The Horta.

I never knew there was a Trek villain called Gary Mitchell but that’s excellent. I really want it to be him. He’s apparently a friend of Kirk’s who gets a dart thrown at him by rat creatures in the original series. Stupid stupid rat creatures.

But a friend of Kirk’s listed as a villain? Yep. He was apparently turned into an evil master of ESP by a close encounter with a radiation belt. He actually seems like a pretty sensible choice.

We can also expect a new female Vulcan character in the film. Maybe. Screenwriter Robert Orci is reported to have brought an iPad to a sequel-plotting session with his colleagues, and used it to show the image of:

…a suggested actress for one of the roles. On the woman’s photo, he had used his iPad to paint on a Vulcan ear.

Place your guesses on who it may have been now. Oh, and talking of facial disfiguration, Trek‘s creature designer Neville Page gave IGN his vision for an Abramsverse Klingon – not that he says that he knows nothing about the sequel, much less if it will feature Klingons or not:

But my approach would be to try and come up with something that’s a unique look but is still a Klingon obviously. Because I think if I did them really tall like say 9′ and instead of brown made them blue, I might get into a little trouble! But I would try think about them as real deal people — and I know other designers have — but really give them a history and a motivation. Understand why they’re dressed the way they are. Understand their rationale for long hair and facial hair. Make sense of those physical features which they typically have, which are the ridged foreheads.

A rationale for facial hair? That goes against everything I think I know.

Meanwhile, I attended the red carpet premiere for Burke and Hare tonight, where Simon Pegg told me he was expecting to start shooting another Star Trek next July. That was just a minute or so before I really ticked him off by asking something he didn’t seem to like to be confronted with at all… but that’s another story.