More Robots, More Wilson: Jack Black And Steve Pink Swoop On "How To Survive..."

More Robots, More Wilson: Jack Black And Steve Pink Swoop On “How To Survive…”

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It seems like only yesterday I was telling you about Steven Spielberg’s plans to make Daniel H. Wilson’s novel Robopocalypse into his next movie, after the double punch – released just five days apart! – of The War Horse and Tintin. But it wasn’t only yesterday, it was about three hours ago. Just before I had my dinner, in fact.

Yet already there’s more robots and there’s more Wilson. io9 have brought the glad tidings of a renewed effort to bring Wilson’s How to Survive Robot Uprising to the silver screen.

Once upon a time, Mike Myers was set to star in the movie, from a screenplay by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. That option lapsed however, and Jack Black and Steve Pink swooped in to take up the rights for themselves. This doesn’t necessarily meant that Black will star and Pink will direct, however, but that they will be producing the film. Pink is currently working on a screenplay and once that’s done, and it’s time to budget and schedule, the other decisions will be made.

So. John Cusack. Just sayin’.

Just like Mars Attacks was the better option over Independence Day, I’m putting my chips on Black (and… er… and Pink) and betting that Survive is the superior picture this time around. You can’t beat a bit of satire.

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