Marvel – Not “All” But “Select” New Titles At $2.99

Marvel – Not “All” But “Select” New Titles At $2.99

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At the New York Comic Con, both at the ICV2 conference and at the Retailer’s Breakfast Meeting, David Gabriel of Marvel Comics was adamant. That new Marvel series would be priced at $2.99, and this price point would come into effect in January. At teh brekfast he emphasised “all series”.

But with the release of Marvel’s solicitations this week, it was clear that this was not the case. While Magneto, Captain America Hail Hydra and Wolverine & Jubilee #1s were solicited with $2.99 price points, Age Of X: Alpha, Ultimate Comics Captain America, The Thanos Imperative: Destruction, Anita Blake Circus Of Damned Ingenue, Daredevil Reborn, Orson Scott Card Speaker For Dead, Stand: No Man’s Land and Casonova Gula #1s were all priced at $3.99.

Now, Casonova Gula is an Icon book, so the creators set the price – and there is usually stacks of backmatter and extra pages in there.

But all the others are standard 22 page story books. Some are licensed, in the Anita Black, Orson Scott Card and Stand books, which could have other circumstances, we don’t know.

But the others are not. When approached, Marvel representatives now say that select new titles will launch at $2.99, not all. Which is basically the same policy Marvel had previously.  And most of the increase in $2.99 books for January come from existing $2.99 comics having two issues instead of one. Aside from a reduction in line size, I’m struggling to see if Marvel have a new price point policy.

Right now, it doesn’t look like they have.

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