Bernard Chang Sneaks In Rise Of Arsenal #3 Gag Into Supergirl

Posted by October 22, 2010 Comment

Okay, that’s funny. Thanks to Matthew Meylikhov of Multiversity Comics for pointing it out.

Remember Rise Of Arsenal #3? the one where Arsenal has violent and abusive sex before tripping on drugs and killing a cat? How could you forget…

Bernard Chang didn’t. And in the most recent issue of Supergirl, he shows us a Bizarro World of superheroes and the Bizarro JLA, now with a few new members since the last time they were seen.

Now with added Bizarro Booster Gold, Bizarro Firestorm, Bizarro Mister Miracle, Bizarro Barda and, of course, Bizarro Arsenal. Here is he is.

With a quiver full of dead cats.

I think the future of Supergirl is in good hands.

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