Holy Atomic Pile: Legends Of The Superheroes On DVD

Holy Atomic Pile: Legends Of The Superheroes On DVD

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The lights went dark on the Batman TV series in March 1968 and then for over ten years, any time Adam West or Burt Ward were to put on their costumes, it was just their private business and never mind you. But then, in 1979, something incredible happened.

Legends of the Superheroes was originally aired as a pair of one hour specials. The first part, The Challenge, was a superhero showdown in which The (or at least, A) Justice League of America got together for a birthday party, only to be tricked into a trap set by the Legion of Doom; the second part – and, let’s face it, the (even) nuttier part – was a celebrity roast of the League hosted by Ed McMahon.

Now, sense has prevailed and Legends is headed to DVD. Unsurprisingly, it’s not going to be stocked in stores but only available through the Warner Archive. Order now and they’ll ship quickly – probably before you have time to fire up some misplaced buyers regret.

As with all of the Warner Archive’s offerings, nothing has been remastered, but the site promises:

This film has been manufactured from the best-quality video master currently available.

And, let’s face it, those 2-inch tapes haven’t seen a lot of play in the last 40 years.

Listen, you want this thing. Not only does it have Adam West and Burt Ward ten years later, older, better, the show also features Frank Gorshin’s final turn as The Riddler; a frankly jaw dropping set of costumes; and, at the roast, the one and only appearance of a truly stupefying superhero, Ghetto Man who – trivia time! – was played by Brad Sanders, later Hollywood Shuffle‘s satirical creation Batty Boy.

Man, I love Hollywood Shuffle.

Final Warning (aka Selling Point): Legends of the Superheroes has a laugh track.

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