Doug Jones On My Name Is Jerry, The Hobbit, The Haunted Mansion, Frankenstein And More

During my weekly appearance on the Kevin and Josh Movie Show on WJFK’s HD2 this Friday night, I got to join Kevin and Josh for a chat with Doug Jones. You can listen to the whole piece online now (left click to play, right click to save) and it’s well worth it because Jones gives great interview. His update on Frankenstein is actually quite exciting and a little bit moving too. Here’s an excerpt of it:

We have been two weeks away from doing the makeup tests for the past two years… there’s a creature shop in Los Angeles California… they are Oscar nominated… but they’re the ones who have been contracted to create Frankenstein’s monster. I was in the shop one day just to say hi to them because I was in the neighborhood and they were like “Oh, Doug, we’re glad you’re here can you have a look at this?” They unveil Frankesntein’s monster that is life size on my life cast, on a mould of my face. I want to tell you something – my eyes welled up and I was like “Oh my gosh, if I get to play this character, this will the pinnacle of my career”… it is hauntingly beautiful.

So that will be Spectral Motion then, right? Glad to know they’re doing such a great job. Again.

Here’s a look at a piece of Berni Wrightson’s original artwork, the basis of this Frankenstein’s monster design:

Do note that it was about 2am in the morning, my time, when I took part in this and for some reason my voice was a little weak. But you should be able to hear my part just fine and it will all make sense even if you can’t. Jones can next be seen in My Name is Jerry, out this week on R1 DVD in the US. It’s his first full-on starring role without makeup and, for that as much as anything else, I can’t wait to check it out.