Friday Runaround – She Must Be Talking About Princess Leia’s Ear Muffs I’m Sure

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BC ComicChronSergioWatch: Fifty years of working for Mad Magazine is celebrated in this new book.

GodWatch: Christian superhero comic book, The Anointed 7 hit the headlines as  Brian Bradley, FedEx driver, finds his calling as a comics creator for Kingdom Comics.

GoatWatch: From Italy, here comes the goats who have been bitted by radioactive spiders

This is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Heard & Scene: Gale Anne Hurd

Ms. Hurd paused at a booth belonging to Aspen Comics, a company she is working with to publish “The Scourge,” about gargoyles in Manhattan. The idea was initiated by her team with the hope the property might become a movie someday. “We’ll see,” she said. A reporter pointed out a couple dressed as unicorns. Ms. Hurd said they looked like Manga characters.

Wolvertons by Colin Batty

3D renderings of Wolverton drawings.

Roy Thomas on the History of Conan

One thing they suggested a lot was a sword and sorcery title, and especially Robert E. Howard and Conan were being mentioned.  I was somewhat familiar with them and Stan really wasn’t.  He asked me if it was a good idea and we discussed the general concept of what sword and sorcery was.  Stan didn’t really have any idea.  He asked me to write the publisher Martin Goodman a memo, a couple of pages or so, saying why we should license the rights to a sword and sorcery character.  So I did.


One post features a mural done by Bad Inc., a graffiti artist crew, featuring C-Town and Frank Miller’s 300. There’s a pretty nice parallel between the Spartans in 300, who could’ve been rich if they surrendered their principles, and talented graffiti artists whose work doesn’t see them reap the rewards more mainstream art does, yet the skills involved can be just as impressive.

Dan DiDio speaks from the floor – NYCC 2010

Mr. Dan DiDio spoke to from the floor of the NY Comic Con – 2010. Check out what DiDio had to say about the new team at DC, The Outsiders and acting it out!?

Vertical Claims No Longer Human License Was “Premature”

According to a statement released yesterday from Vertical, Inc., No Longer Human, the manga title announced recently at the New York Comic Con alongside The Book of Human Insects, has not actually been acquired for North American distribution. The statement, quoted in full below, claims that rights negotiations are still ongoing, but a “communication error” caused the announcement of the acquisition of Usamaru Furuya’s manga before negotiations were complete.

Comic-Con 2010 vs. Comic Con 2010

There are some distinct differences between the SD and the NY Cons. Most notably, San Diego has no shame when it comes to revealing costumes. When I was in SD, I saw a gaggle of poorly constructed Princess Leia slave outfits so flimsy that when they swished around, I saw their muffs – for some reason, they thought it best to not wear underwear. More power to them I guess.

Social Media Battle: Marvel vs. DC

Marvel (X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man) and DC (Batman, Superman) are the biggest comic book companies by far. Each are at least partially owned or operated by even bigger entities (Disney and Time Warner). Each has its own huge comic book characters with hugely successful movies, cartoons, products, etc. Thus, each should be relatively competitive in every aspect. However, as you’ll read below, one is a clear and definite winner over the other in the social media universe.

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