Lea Seydoux, Eva Green And Gerard Depardieu Cast In Bastille Movie

Benoît Jacquot is assembling an all-star cast for his adaptation of Chantal Thomas’ Les Adieux à la Reine (Farewell, My Queen). Just three names on the list so far, but they work well as survey of venerable French cinema actors: elder statesman Gerard Depardieu; in-demand young star in Lea Seydoux; and sometimes-I-forget-she’s-French crossover queen, Eva Green. I can smell the Cesars from here.

From what I’ve read of Thomas’ novel, it seems that Eva Green will be playing Marie Antoinette, and Lea Seydoux a reader to the queen who bears witness to the fall of the Bastille. French Premiere make specific reference to a role for the detached head of the executed King Louis’, so I’ll posit a theory that maybe – just maybe – said tête will be essayed by Depardieu.

Jacquot’s most recent film is Deep In The Woods, a period romantic thriller that seems to flirt with gentle, surreal fantasy. Here’s its French trailer: