Narnia Poster, Trailer And Some Very Interesting Rumours About The Film's 3D

Somewhat mysteriously (not to mention Polishly), the latest Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader leaked its way online at some point in the last few days. To get us all up to speed, here it is, followed by the film's new French poster (via IMPAwards).

As you can see from the little badge there, the film will also be released "En 3D dans les salles equippees".

The 3D here has been a post-production conversion, and these are controversial at the best of times. In this case, I've read some completely contrasting reports, and amid them some splendid rumours.

First, the positive. Harry Knowles says that the film is going to make some very unconventional use of the 3D format:

Then – for the last 8 months, I've had a source telling me that the 3D on this film is going to blow people's minds. I can't say who, but I will say if they're excited, I'm excited. I've heard rumors of characters you'll only SEE in the 3D version of the film. And it makes the William Castle in me giggle for days.

Okay, Harry. If you say so. But, I feel we should also hear the negative. Joe Dante, director of The Hole 3D, was speaking to The Herald in Ireland, and the conversation turned to the Narnia post-conversion. Dante said:

A lot of directors don't necessarily want to add 3D, it's done without their consent. My friend Michael Apted just did a Narnia picture, and he was very upset that they insisted that his finished film be turned into 3D, because he had no intention when he was making it of doing it. He said, 'if I was gonna' do a 3D movie, I would have done it differently'. And the fact is that, when you make a 3D film — if you're doing it correctly — you shoot it for 3D.

So, a friend speaks openly to a friend and the Narnia 3D is a bad idea; Harry Knowles passes on anonymous quotes and it's going to blow our minds. Now… did I just shiver because it's getting cold, or because the ghost of Alan Freed walked into the room?