Emma Stone Will Be Gwen Stacy, Not MJ - Yep, She's Going Blonde

Emma Stone Will Be Gwen Stacy, Not MJ – Yep, She’s Going Blonde

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What is it about Amy Pascal and her Sony army that they just won’t let a girl have the hair colour she wants to?

First of all, they took famous blonde Kirsten Dunst and cast her as the redheaded Mary Jane Watson for Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie. Then, we came to the third installment and they bleached out popular redhead Bryce Dallas Howard. Now – there’s a new twist, taking this weird kink to a new level.

Emma Stone might be famous for her red hair, but she’s naturally a blonde and that’s the way they want her.

Stacy is said to have the bigger role – the much bigger role – between Stacy and Watson in this screenplay. Reading between the lines, this means Stone will likely have a diminished part to play in any sequels. Perhaps she never wanted to commit to the increasing demands of a multi-picture Ms. Watson deal and only ever tried out for the lighter load of Ms. Stacy?

Any which way, I’m still rather pleased she’s going to be in the movie.

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