David O. Russell Ditches Pride And Prejudice And Zombies For Old St. Louis

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Alternative headline for this story: How Corseted Zombie Killer Natalie Portman Knocked Scarlett Johansson Out Of A Secretarial Job Underneath Vince Vaughn.

David O. Russell has been working on both Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Old St. Louis, apparently with the goal of shooting them in that order. To make them both fit, however, it appears he had to set quite a tight calendar.

When Natalie Portman, Zombies‘ producer and star, couldn’t co-ordinate into Russell’s preferred timing, he ducked out. This means that Old St. Louis has been keyed up for a spring start and, as a result, Scarlett Johansson won’t be able to appear. She had been on for a role as the part time lover/secretary of Vince Vaughn’s lead character – now, they’ll be looking to recast.

Happy side effect? This new calendar might well allow Chloe Moretz to sign on as Vaughn’s daughter. Nobody told us, but apparently she’d already dropped out because of a scheduling clash.

Implication buzzing away below the surface: Russell will happily direct your zombie film but not if it gets in the way of something he considers more interesting?

There we are: all in re-order. Well, assuming I’ve passed my Vulture-based reading comprehension test.

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