Tiny Update On A Lord Of The Rings 3D Re-Release

There's not much to report here, but it's such a hot-button conversation topic, I thought I really should bring it to you. Andy Serkis has given an interview to The News of the World, ostensibly to promote the new Monkey: Journey to the West videogame, but which the paper have run under the headline Lord of the Rings in 3D Magic.

Here are the quotes from Serkis on anything directly relevant to that header:

Of course it'll happen, and I look forward to seeing Lord Of The Rings in 3D. I've seen bad conversions and good conversions and when they're bad, they really stink. But when they're good, it's another way of making you feel really present in the movie.

"Of course it'll happen" – but does he know it's on the cards? He's right though. It is inevitable now.