Saturday Runaround - Warren, We Hardly Knew You

Saturday Runaround – Warren, We Hardly Knew You

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SatireWatch: So San Diego Comic Con is to stay in… San Diego. Saves having to print a whole new lot of stationary I suppose. Most people expected this, the organisers’ lives are based in and around the city, and an Anaheim commute would have been a bit much. And the city stepped up and showed their appreciation, putting aside prejudice and stereotype to celebrate the billion dollar annual event that injects a vast chunk into the economy. So surely everyone would celebrate its decision to stay? Not the cartoonists on the local paper!

DeadWatch: Can anyone find a picture of a Walking Dead Plush Doll in the wild?

ConWatch: The Wall Street Journal looks at the duelling Wizard and Reed New York comic conventions this weekend and next.

CourtWatch: The Michigan Supreme Court have stated that comics retailer Michael George can get a second trial for the alleged crime of murdering his wife two decades ago.

StreetWatch: The Daily Mail in Britain runs stacks of X-Men: First Class photos from the streets of Oxford. Because they have lawyers who can stand up to Fox.

More at LaineyGossip as well.

MTVWatch: Warren Ellis is to write a series of columns for MTV Splashpage. (Hah screw you MTV Geek!!) Sniff. You know, I knew he was going to see other people some time but still. It hurts, right here.

BC ComicChron

This is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Nightfly Reviews Stan Lee’s Superhumans (#8)

f this was the season finale of Stan Lee’s Superhumans, the History Channel sure didn’t mention it.  With thirty-three (33) so-called ‘superhumans’ profiled, it seems reasonable to end it here, and since the next two Thursdays have repeats scheduled…  If it was the finale, which I believe it was, it was a good one.  Having spotlighted so many questionable subjects (bee keeper, beatboxer, etc), I’m glad they went out on a high note.

Twitter / Chris Chuckry

Coloring Marvel Zombies 6 #1, Unwritten #19, and finally seeing new pages of The Twelve #10!

Twitter / Mark Millar

Just arrived in NYC and walked into hotel to see Adam West having a coffee. Is this what America is always like? I was in awe.

‘Ghost Rider 2’ goes to Hell to find its villain (exclusive)

Ciaran Hinds is in negotiations to rev up Columbia’s “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.” Italian actress-singer Violante Placido also in talks to join the cast. The movie, featuring Nicolas Cage as the demonic biker anti-hero based on the Marvel comic, is a sequel to the 2007 movie and has Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor behind the cameras.

24 Hour Comics Day 2010

Wow!! The excitement is building here at 4 Color… Cleaning and scrubbing, planning the food orders and picking up the MONSTER!!! Lots of people calling to see if we have space.. YES!!! we will make room.. 15 people signed up already… Trying to set up a Ustream for tomorrow so we can broadcast all day and night..(gotta watch what I say hahaha) Come on down and check out all the artists tomorrow from 10am on into Sunday!!!

Comic book artist takes his craft to the big screen

For Altitude’s claustrophobic story of five young people on a weekend flight gone wrong, he drew on his comic book background. A wall next to the monitor was plastered with dozens of his own drawings, comic book-styled storyboards to help him find new angles on five people arguing in a plane. A section of a light plane wiht flyaway walls was in the middle of the soundstage, central to most of the movie’s action.

Doctor Who animation test

With many of the episodes still missing from the Hartnell and Troughton era of Doctor Who fans are left mainly to their own imagination in most cases to fill in the blanks left by their absence. This wouldn’t be so painful a truth to accept if not for the snippets if information surrounding the lost episodes that make them sound so brilliant. From the sole Yeti adventures to the first regeneration story, it’s all lost… possibly forever.

Dueling New York Comic Cons: What to Expect – Speakeasy – WSJ

Big Apple Comic Con and the rival New York Comic Con, held next weekend at the Javits Center, essentially offer what you’d expect: endless rows of obscure comic books, sci-fi-centric celebrities hawking autographs and photos for $30 a pop, and, yes, some overzealous fanboys in full Jedi garb. But don’t dismiss the conventions as pure nerdfests. Both events offer plenty of hidden treasures even for those of us who don’t hoard old comics in plastic sleeves.

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