One Of Fright Night's Orginal Stars Has A Cameo In The Remake - I'll Tell You Which One

One Of Fright Night’s Orginal Stars Has A Cameo In The Remake – I’ll Tell You Which One

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I’m going to keep the actors’ name out of the headline because it effectively constitutes a spoiler, I think. I’m not entirely surprised this cameo is happening, nor am I ever worried about “being spoiled” but I can appreciate that this is not the sort of information to toss around without warning.

Okay… but we’re into safe territory now, I think, so I can just come out with it:

Chris Sarandon, the original’s Jerry Dandrige, has a single scene role in the remake. Mania let the cat out of the bag, but we can thank (blame?) Aint it Cool for spilling the juicies details. Here’s what they said:

Sarandon’s cameo was intended to be a surprise for fans of Tom Holland’s 1985 classic. I can’t get into specifics, but his scene will certainly slake the thirst of FRIGHT NIGHT devotees. It’s definitely not a throwaway cameo; in fact, I think it links the original and the remake in a very appropriate way.

Sounds like he might be the vampire that made the new Jerry Dandridge, played by Colin Farrell, into a vampire? Or at least maybe his dad? We know, again from Aint it Cool, that the character has stunt work to perform however.

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