Dougal And The Blue Cat Coming To Special Edition DVD - UPDATED

Dougal And The Blue Cat Coming To Special Edition DVD – UPDATED

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Here’s a genuine lost gem of animated filmmaking, finally being given a home video release of the calibre it deserves. I haven’t seen the film such my last VHS machine died, but before that, Dougal and the Blue Cat was a real favourite – particularly on the night before a general election. I’ll tell you more about it when the disc is with us, but for now, here’s what you can expect in the release:

Serge Danot’s original French language version

Eric Thompson’s incredible English language version

Interview with Eric’s family, Emma Thompson, Sophie Thompson and Phyllida Law

Interview with co-star Fenella Fielding

Interview with be-quiffed, famous fan Mark Kermode

Lobby card and stills gallery

Kermode has described his contribution as a commentary, not an interview, but I think he was wrong and the listing above is right.

UPDATE: Here’s the up-to-date special features listing, as sent to me by Second Sight today. You’ll notice, amongst other things, that Sophie Thompson is no longer listed as taking part; she was, sadly, not available.

Original French Version with English subtitles
Thompson and The Magic Roundabout featuring interviews with Emma Thompson, Phyllida Law and Fenella Fielding.
Mark Kermode on Dougal and The Blue Cat
Lobby Card and Stills Gallery

This remastered special edition will be released by Second Sight on November 1st. It’s already available for pre-order and even if you’re not here in the UK, there’s nothing stopping you from importing.

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