Hobbit Rushes Special - Looks Like It's About To Get The Greenlight

Hobbit Rushes Special – Looks Like It’s About To Get The Greenlight

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It’s been a hard week for Peter Jackson and his Hobbit movies. First there was an attempt by some actors unions to throw a shorud of disrepute onto the project, Jackson’s response – including a threat that the production might be moved to Eastern Europe – and then a statement from the New Line, WB and MGM which lent Jackson some support. Then fire broke out in one of the Wellington Studios that would have been used to shoot FX on the project. But there’s been light at the end of the tunnel, getting brighter and brighter all day long…

According The LA Times:

Warner Bros., its subsidiary New Line Cinema, and partner Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer appear to be close to greenlighting the hugely anticipated two-part Lord of the Rings prequel The Hobbit.

While the story says that “most other key issues” have been resolved, the last major sticking point will be “getting an official go-ahead from MGM” – the thing that we’ve been thinking of as the major hurdle for months, anyway. But if MGM become solvent, or as solvent as necessary, and flick the switch, then Jackson could roll cameras as soon as January.

The heroes could be none other than 20th Century Fox. They already have the deal in place to release many MGM films outside of the US and could step up and float the necessary money to get this production rolling. Or maybe Warner Bros. “could loan MGM its share in exchange for additional distribution rights to the pictures.”

The basic gist, however, is that the many problems are being resolved and it’s actually looking like there will be a couple of Hobbit movies coming down the pike. Very soon we’ll be able to put aside all this talk of struggles and fighting and financing and legal wrangling and start talking about the creative elements. Can’t wait.

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