David Gordon Green's Rough House Option Alien Pig Farm Comics

David Gordon Green’s Rough House Option Alien Pig Farm Comics

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I’ve never read Todd Farmer and David Marquez’ comic series Alien Pig Farm 3000, but its official blurb certainly gives me some idea of what it would feel like:

Best throw back some moonshine and kiss yer sister on the mouth cuz Armageddon done went and landed on Horton County Kentucky! When a race of pig-eating, flesh-gnarling aliens wake after crash landing a million years ago, it’s up to good o’ boy, Johnny Ray, to kick some green-skinned butt, keep his moronic brother, Elvis, out of trouble AND protect the sister he loves…really REALLY loves. Its aliens, rednecks and incest! The perfect gift for that special someone.

So… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the big screen option has been snapped up by Rough House, the production company of David Gordon Green, Jody Hill and Danny McBride. That blurb sounds like a pretty perfect pitch for a McBride vehicle.

When Rough House launched in the winter they said:

Our aim is to bust out with a slate of comedy projects that are a little left of center, but our target is the bull’s-eye.

And, it would seem, the pig pen too.

This news of this option comes from a Jenna Busch interview with Thomas Jane in The Huffington Post on the occasion of America’s first 3D film festival. Here’s the relevant chunk:

Great, well yeah, we started the company a few years ago to do, sort of high concept or high end genre comic books. Um, with uh Tim Bradstreet, Steve Niles, myself, and uh, we’ve had a couple of books–one’s called The Bad Planet, the other’s Alien Pig Farm 3000, which got picked up by David Gordon Green’s company, Rough House, and they’re turning that into a motion picture, Alien Pig Farm… and that’ll probably be in 3D, if I have my way.

I’d recommend reading the whole interview. Jane’s an interesting fellow, and he’s always got a lot of business going on.

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