Amy Adams To Join Next Muppet Movie And/Or We Bought A Zoo And/Or Welcome To People

Posted by October 1, 2010 Comment

It looks like Amy Adams is facing my own personal version of Sophie’s Choice: will she sign on for Cameron Crowe’s next film, We Bought a Zoo? Or will she join the Muppets for their untitled new picture? If I came to that fork in the road I’d have a breakdown, I think…

There’s another choice – Alex Kurtzman’s Welcome to People, in which she’d play Chris Pine’s secret half sister, a recovering alcoholic and single mother. Not as tempting, really. Distinct lack of hilarious bears, for one thing.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Ms. Adams is closest to signing up for the Muppet film but while the shoot dates are being cemented, she’s at least speaking to the filmmakers about the others. It looks like Crowe would have her play a zookeeper opposite Matt Damon, while the Muppets would have her play the school teacher love interest for Jason Segel.

I wish she could do both. C’mon Segel, Stoller, Bobin – how about setting 90% of the Muppet movie at night? It worked for Michael J. Fox balancing Family Ties and Back to the Future, right?

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