Sign Me Up: Jane Campion's Top Of The Lake Revealed

Sign Me Up: Jane Campion’s Top Of The Lake Revealed

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A twelve year old girl called Tui stands in a river that is frozen up to her chest. She is five months pregnant, but won’t reveal who the father is, instead insisting that it was “no one”. Then… she disappears…

We learned some months ago that Jane Campion was planning a return to television, and that she would be directing a series, as well as co-writing it with Gerard Lee, her collaborator on Sweetie. Today, the BBC have announced their involvement in the series, The Top of the Lake, as well its dramatic hook – see above.

The series will see the detective, Robin Griffin, testing herself in her search for Tui in remote and mountainous New Zealand. I can hear echoes of In The Cut reverberating around the landscape of The Piano.

Campion will film next year, and according to initial reports – though not today’s information – we can expect six episodes, each of an hour’s length. If it’s okay with you, I’ll sit down in front of the TV and start waiting now. Maybe I’ll pop in my Blu-ray of Bright Star to start warming up.

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