Craigs Listing The NYCC

Craigs Listing The NYCC

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So, it’s coming up to the New York Comic Con. The biggest comic book celebration on the east coast. And you want to get in for free. It’s probably a bit too late to become a comics professional, or a well regarded journalist. So how can you do it? And what price will you have to pay to  access? Will they pay you? Time to hit Craigslist!

Well, you could try the earlier Bleeding-Cooled Los Angeles-based 1821 Comics launching at NYCC and need unpaid interns to help set up their booth and then work it. They’ll also have Stan Lee popping by as well. And they will feed you. Send an resume and brief description of yourself to

Or maybe you’ve got some gamerz skillz to show off? Well, Square Enix needs people to appear at their display at NYCC. And basically play their new MMO game all day.

• 2+ Years Experience playing MMO video games (Final Fantasy XI preferred)
• 1+ Years Experience in a retail environment
• Must be comfortable interacting with consumers
• Must be an Avid Video Game Player

Does that fit any of you? Send your resume in a DOC format to: with Subject Line: Comic Con Event Staff – New York. Outline in 1-5 bullet points your MMO Experience, including titles.

You’ll be paid a whacking $12., But then again, you are just playing games. A new game. Before anyone else!

Or maybe you fancy dressing up as a zombie to help promote the Zombie-Comedy Comic Book & Podcast. You;ll have to supply your own clothes and makeup but you might get a free ticket out of it. Email

Or maybe you have breasts. In which case a “female promotional model” is needed from one unknown but they are promising “Good pay”. Which is nice. Send your resume and headshot to

Talking of good pay, here’s one. To be a model/spokesperson/superhero, dress in some unmentioned sotumes, hand out fliers and have photos taken of you with people. If you are a 2-6 dress size and want $200 a day, contact

If it’s all starting to sound a bit sexist, another unnamed company want people to run their booth, make a few hundred bucks (in cash), and you can be male as well as female. Send a resume saying why you’d be good for it to

A Costume Company also wants people dressed up handing out flyers and chatting to people, for a smaller $100 a day. Contact David with photos and experience at

Or if you’re a dab hand at the airbrush, then an airbrush artist is needed for New-Gen to paint upper body and face details of their characters onto people. Send examples of your work with a resume to

Or, alternatively you’re turned off by all this pandering to commerce and just fancy taking a date to the show. But worth making sure people know you are not Comic Book Guy

I’d like to get to know someone who has similar interests, and would like to get to know me. I assure you I’m kind of cute – no ponytails, man boobs or Cheetos stained t-shirts here. :P

I have a penchant for levity. Silly things that may or may not be productive, exercising my right as a goddamn pedestrian; incidentally jaywalking, cats and puppies, writing and art and their bastardizations – the art crowd can get comical at times.

Send me something interesting about yourself. Everyone with a pulse loves music, movies, and museums; give me some insight to what really makes you tick. Also, be willing to y’know, actually meet for a sammich/coffee at a certain point. There’s something wise to be said about a bit of caution meeting folks on a seedy little hole like therm Craigslistses, but I’m likely as skeptical as you are.

So, who wants to chat on this fine Saturday night?

Sounds like a catch, ladies!

Or course, NYCC is not the only comic con in town. This weekend is the Big Apple Comic Con, with a Craigslist offer of a different sort.

Big Apple Comic Convention – m4mm – 41 (Midtown)

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