What Part Do Ben Affleck And Natalie Portman Have To Play In The Next Superman Movie?

We learned last night that Darren Aronofsky was one of the many potential options as to who might be handed control of Warner Bros. next Superman picture. Then, shortly after that news broke, a follow up revealed another sought-after director for the gig: Ben Affleck.

Affleck is currently celebrating a nice run at the US and UK box office for his rather interesting crime picture, The Town. He also played George Reeves in Hollywoodland, even putting on the Superman muscle-suit for a while. I can see both why Warners would consider him and also, as reported by Heat Vision, he’s already passed on the gig.

So, to answer the question in the headline: Ben Affleck has no role to play in the next Superman film. Not any longer. Shame – the auterists would have had a field day seeing how the Superman story meshes with the themes of Gone Baby Gone and The Town.

It’s a different story with Natalie Portman. In their reporting on the Aronofsky news, Moviehole run the following:

A friend that worked on Black Swan with Mr Aronofsky tells us that the filmmaker has actually “been talking about this for a while” and that they don’t think talks have “progressed beyond the suggestion of having Nat[alie Portman] be Lois. They wanted her first time around, this time they can get her – with Darren”.

Nice use of the very familiar “Nat” there, but… what’s the suggestion? That the studio would want Darren, but possibly just as a means of getting Natalie Portman to sign up? Something about this equation seems a tad too simple… to naive…

For what it’s worth, I’m not sure Portman is made of the same stuff as Lois. I can think of a half dozen actresses I’d turn to first.