Jared Harris To Play Moriarty In Sherlock Holmes 2 – And Will Russell Brand Have A Role Too? UPDATED

Make me choose between Jared Harris and Daniel Day Lewis and I’ll go Harris every single time. It looks like fate agrees with me, because a new report has Harris cast as Moriarty in the about-to-roll Sherlock Holmes 2. Not quite the movie star we were expecting, eh? Eat that, cadre of oft-rumoured hammer-jammers looking for an easy pay day.

The Harris story comes from Latino Review and their record is rock solid in cases like this. Most famously, they named Heath Ledger as The Joker first of all – only to be met with sneers and derision, of course.

So, it looks like Harris has it. The schedule of the Holmes production seems to clash with Tomas Alfredson’s new film of Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy in which Harris also has a role, but I dare say one or both parts will only require him on set for a small number of days. We’re assuming Moriarty is the big bad in Holmes 2, but maybe not – maybe he’s being introduced in increments.

UPDATE: And Mike Fleming at Deadline is stating the casting as fact too now.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail have dropped a Holmes tidbit into their story on Russell Brand’s stag night. Here’s what they told us:

Brand was snapped arriving at the director’s London home yesterday morning to discuss whether he would have a role in Ritchie’s upcoming film Sherlock Holmes 2.

Another gypsy alongside Noomi Rapace? I wouldn’t be at all surprised.