Jill The Changing Woman

Jill The Changing Woman

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By Mike McLarty of ComicKarma. He’s helping out while Rich Johnston is in holday in Venice. Follow him here, email him here.

Dateline: March 13th, 2010. Seattle, WA. Location: JLA writer James Robinson is a guest on the DC Nation Panel at Emerald City Comic-Con.

Robinson is asked about future projects. He announces that he is developing a new Shade series.

Dateline: August 25th, 2010. Location: Online at Broken Frontier, an interview is published featuring Jill Thompson.

Thompson is a true renaissance woman, having worked several decades in the comics medium as both author and artist. Some books she’s been attached to include her creator-owned Scary Godmother and many other titles including Black Orchid, Swamp Thing and various other Sandman-related properties.

During the course of the interview, Thompson announced some of her plans for the new year.

“I have two things pitched to DC, a Wonder Woman graphic novel and also a Superman graphic novel. But when you say you have something pitched that doesn’t mean it ever goes anywhere. I’m supposed to work with James Robinson on some Shade, the Changing Man and I think I’m going to be working on some Green Lantern as well. And I want to do more Beasts of Burden and Scary Godmother so, hopefully, that will all come together.”

Dateline: September 24th, 2010. Location: Twitter Land aka TwitterVerse. A brief yet poignant exchange occurs between Thompson and Robinson.

From: @thejillthompson

@JamesDRobinson Do you know when I might work on that story with you? I could start Nov if u r ready:-)

12:54 PM Sep 24th via Echofon

Reply from: @JamesDRobinson

@thejillthompson I’ll call the editor and get on it ASAP. Can’t wait. (Don’t Twitter about it anymore though.)

2:17 PM Sep 24th via web in reply to thejillthompson

Apologetic Explanation From: @thejillthompson

@JamesDRobinson I didn’t have ur email and I tried to dm u but ur not following me.

3:02 PM Sep 24th via Echofon in reply to JamesDRobinson

Reassuring Conclusion From:  @JamesDRobinson

@thejillthompson It’s okay. No harm done.

3:17 PM Sep 24th via web in reply to thejillthompson

No harm INDEED!

The Facts: Shade the Changing Man has recently reappeared in the pages of Hellblazer, written by Peter Milligan. The same Peter Milligan who authored the entire 70 issue run of Shade, The Changing Man for Vertigo. The 3rd trade paperback for Shade, The Changing Man collects the Scream Time storyline and was released July 6th, 2010. The last monthly issue for the comic shipped in 1996. It would appear that DC is gearing up for SOMETHING…

Chris Bachalo provided artwork for large portions of the series, most notably, some amazing cover art. His website contains the following in the NEWS section:

“I’m starting work on three very special projects– none of which I can discuss at his time– but 2011 promises to be very exciting.”

Postulation: Shade, The Changing Man returns in 2011. Writer: James Robinson. Interior Art: Jill Thompson. Covers: Chris Bachalo.

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