After Tron And Tron: Legacy Comes Tron: Uprising - Legacy Spoilers Within?

After Tron And Tron: Legacy Comes Tron: Uprising – Legacy Spoilers Within?

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Tron was definitely a pretty film, and technically and aesthetically very innovative. It was also a moderate success as the box office, taking almost twice its $17 million budget in the US alone. But I’m not yet convinced that Tron: Legacy will truly repeat any of those successes.

Disney seem rather confident in the cash-haul potential, however. So much so that they’re already deep into planning multiple follow-up projects.

Regarding a third film, I’m not sure how far along development might be but it’d be nuts to think they haven’t talked about it at all. But there’s some more concrete plans for the next step for the franchise.

Starting in late 2011 is an animated series that will broadcast on the Disney Channel. However, even that is not the next part of the story, with a “10 part microseries” designed for Disney XD to act as a bridge between Legacy and the main animated series.

StitchKingdom have uncovered the URL, so we know that something in the series’ future is set to have that name. They’ve made the assumption that Tron: Uprising will be title of the online toons, and offer basic account of the series’ premise. Be warned – it might be read as containing a spoiler for how Legacy ends up.

A young program named Beck stands up against an evil regime headed by Clu who obtains his status after the defeat of TRON, the security watchdog program.

Spoiler? No idea.

Tron: Legacy will be with us this December in normo-vision, IMAX 3D and vanilla 3D.

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