Your First Real Look At Donald Glover As Spider-Man

Your First Real Look At Donald Glover As Spider-Man

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Derrick Comedy’s Donald Glover decided to dream the impossible dream. Sure, he’s not another one of those wimpy white kids that seem to have been farmed to take turns as Peter Parker, but why couldn’t he be cast as Spider-Man? When he announced his desire to play the role, fans stepped up and supported him. They took his donald4spiderman hashtag and pushed it into the trending charts, they started Facebook groups, they blogged.

And now, after all of that, Glover has come within touching distance of his heart’s desire.

See the image above. It comes from a clip of this week’s Community, being hosted by by the good burghers of io9. The Spider-Man moment lasts, unfortunately, no more than two or three seconds.

This is our first look at Donald Glover in the Spider-Man costume, but it’s also, most probably, our last. It at least shows how good Glover looks in the red and blue while paying tribute to the fan campaign and it’s intentions.

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