The Simpsons Going Live Action Again, Katy Perry To Guest Star

The Simpsons Going Live Action Again, Katy Perry To Guest Star

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The last time The Simpsons went live action it was for a specially produced, promotional recreation of the show’s opening sequence. Here it is now in case you have somehow never seen it.

Now, this leap into live action going to happen again, but with a nice new twist.

On December 5th, Fox channels across the US will air an episode called The Fight Before Christmas. It’s going to feature a special appearance from Katy Perry and, for her sequence at least, Springfield is going to go beyond it’s normal 2, cel-animated dimensions and the characters will be manifest as puppets. Here’s a picture.

Nice puppies puppets.*

According to EW, Ms. Perry will lead the little yellow people in a rendition of The 39 Days of Christmas, which I’m assuming is a new seasonally-themed tune of hers. They also note that she’ll be playing Moe’s girlfriend. This whole thing screams DREAM SEQUENCE to me.

This wasn’t the only bit of Katy Perry vs. Puppets news of the week. You may have missed it, but after the producers of Sesame Street tested a Katy Perry guest number on YouTube, they received several complaints about her (fairly visible) cleavage and high hemline and decided that the scene would not be aired on TV. Ridiculous.

Both Perry and Elmo himself have appeared on TV subsequently, and addressed the issue in their own, particular ways. Here are the clips – Perry on Saturday Night Live then Elmo on Good Morning America.

*Awful, quietly sexist “boobies” joke. But hard to resist… The joke, that is.

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