Where The Wildstorm Things Are

Where The Wildstorm Things Are

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So the Wildstorm Universe titles are to end. And the licensed books to be published by DC. But what about the rest? The Wildstorm creator owned/participant titles? To be thrown on the pyre?

Not a bit of it, it seems. I’m told that we are to expect their continued publication, some through DC Comics central and some through the Vertigo brand. Naturally the staff at Wildstorm have had to be talked to first, before the creators of the books, but what I’m hearing is generally positive. About the books, that is.

I understand Tom Strong: Planet Of Peril by Pete Hogan and Chris Sprouse is still a go. Gail Simone has tweeted that

“Welcome to Tranquility is going to continue to come out as scheduled, no worries, everyone who asked!”

Kurt Busiek similarly addressed issues earlier regarding Astro City saying

“To all who’ve been asking: They haven’t said anything yet about creator-owned Wildstorm books. Presumably they want to talk to us first”

But that

“I don’t think you’re going to hear about ASTRO CITY moving to DE or IDW any time soon.”

And as to the stack of planned-and-written series that were waiting announcement from Wildstorm, there are likely to see publication too.

I’ve been seeing a number of relieved e-mails. Welcome to tranquility indeed…

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