Trailer For Human Centipede Sequel - Is This Racist?

Trailer For Human Centipede Sequel – Is This Racist?

Posted by September 24, 2010 Comment

IFC have announced that they will be distributing Tom Six’s Human Centipede 2, subtitled Full Sequence, next year. To underline this, the film’s first teaser has been unleashed.

Now, that’s most definitely not the voice of Tom Six you’re hearing there. His own voice is quite clearly that of a man from the Netherlands. Why his inner monologue is some relatively nondescript Englishman is a mystery to me (but not why he’s praising himself for being a sick bastard).

I’m going to question if this voice over is a quietly racist move or not. What’s supposedly wrong with Tom’s voice? Don’t they trust us to buy cinema tickets from a chap in a cowboy hat speaking with a slight lisp?

The final tease, with boxheaded Martin, strikes me as a blend of Leatherface, Baghead and Vic Reeves’ Man With a Stick. There’s a recipe for success for you.

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