Spider-Man Casting: How About Emma Stone As Mary Jane And Mia Wasikowska As Gwen Stacy?

Spider-Man Casting: How About Emma Stone As Mary Jane And Mia Wasikowska As Gwen Stacy?

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The last we heard, Mary Jane Watson was not going to be the female lead in Marc Webb’s new Spider-Man but now, that’s starting to look like a skewing of the truth. Let’s try “Mary Jane Watson is not going to be the only female lead”. The story now is that both MJ and Gwen Stacy will be turning up.

This comes courtesy of Entertainment Weekkly. And, according to them, Sony are continuing to put talented and popular actresses into casting rooms with director Webb and the new Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield, to see where actors’ chemistry becomes alchemy. They say:

The studio is casting a rather wide net. It flew Mia Wasikowska, best known as Alice from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, in from New York to meet with Webb and Garfield. While, most recently, Easy A’s Emma Stone read with Garfield for the role.

It’s Mia on the left and Emma on the right in our image above, should you not know them yet.

EW say that “Wasikowska’s interest in the film has been more ambivalent”. Add to this that she’s had meetings but not read read for the role and it looks like, really, she’s being named in their article because she’s someone we’ve not heard associated with the role before, rather than a likely piece of casting. Don’t put your chips on Wasikowska just yet.

On the other hand, Stone strikes me a simply perfect for the role and I’m happy with the suggestion that she’s keen. Easy A appears to have convinced just about everyone that she’s a bona fide movie star (and honestly, I can’t wait to see it) but some of us have been Team Stone for a couple of years now at least.

In the Ultimate Spider-Man books there’s a bit of a love triangle thing with MJ, Gwen and Peter for a while until it settles down. I’m expecting they’ll be playing that arc out here.

Want to see names and pictures of the other candidates for these roles? It’s your lucky day

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