We Interrupt This Blog For An Important Announcement From The Screenwriter Of The Beaver

We Interrupt This Blog For An Important Announcement From The Screenwriter Of The Beaver

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Do you know why I’m counting the days to the release of The Beaver – and this is while, for all we know, there could be hundreds left to count? Because of Kyle Killen’s incredible screenplay.

I was going to link you to my review of the screenplay, but for reasons I don’t understand, it has been deleted. Shame. I should have archived it. Suffice to say, it glowed. I thought it was absolutely brilliant stuff from top to bottom.

Killen’s latest project has been the TV show Lone Star. I approached the PR people working on the show with an eye to covering it on Bleeding Cool, but they never responded. Likely because I’m a Brit. A real shame.

Now, you may have heard that the show fared rather badly in the ratings on Monday night. Really rather badly. And this is despite it being the most well-praised premiere of the new TV season. The show was immediately placed onto life support and within hours, word was being batted back and forth that it might well be cancelled after just one episode. It wasn’t – it looks like episode two is going to go out. But that may well be it…

Killen has now spoken out about the situation, on his blog. I’m going to reproduce his post here, now, in full.

You’re Invited To Our Stunning Upset

Do you like to root for the underdog? Because I’ve got an underdog of epic proportions for you. We’re talking long, long shot. Like a legless horse in the Kentucky Derby. A blind basketball team facing the 95 Bulls. If somehow Rudy and Rocky had a baby it still wouldn’t be as big an underdog as our little show… Lone Star.

You may have heard about last Monday night when several heavily sequined, dancing celebrity, conspiracy laden, bowling shirted nuclear bombs landed directly on our heads. When everyone who watched your show is a paid critic or someone you went to high school with, that’s less of a premiere than a slideshow.

But! BUT!

But here we are. Still alive. A little groundhog peeking out of a bomb crater to see if there’s six more weeks of nuclear winter or if, perhaps, something can grow in this hole. And that’s where you come in.

For us to survive we’re going to have to pull off a minor miracle. Statistically, new shows tend to lose viewers in their second week. We’re aiming to gain them. In fact, screw it, let’s just double our audience. The good news is, our audience was so small that if my Mom AND my Dad watch it we’ll pretty much be there.

Here’s the thing: it really is a good show. Don’t take it from me, take if from these guys here and here and lots of other places. Are these all just people in ivory towers with tweed jackets and glasses of scotch who hate America? Possibly! But my Mom also loved it and she LOVES America just like you.

I’m not going to beg. I’ll mow your lawn or offer you some sort of sensual massage, but I won’t beg. The truth is, what we need to do is nearly impossible. I’ve heard and read that a million times since Tuesday morning. But isn’t that why we watch television? Sports? Movies? To, every once in a while, see something impossible actually happen? Impossible is AWESOME! Am I right? High five!

So here’s the plan. You go deep. All of you. You and millions of your friends. And Monday night, down by a lot with only seconds on the clock, we’ll throw the ball up, an impossibly long arcing pass into a host of defenders who are taller and flashier and stronger and probably more well endowed than all of us, and maybe, just maybe, it’s one of those moments where the thing everyone said COULD NOT HAPPEN actually just… does. And you my friend, you could say you were there, you and all your friends, just taking one big Gatorade bath with the millions of people who, like you, decided to say ‘F you’ to statistics and just settle in for a damn good hour of television.

So spread the word. Repost, retweet, re…faceboook or just put on your crazy pants and head down to the freeway exit and shout at cars like I’m going to.

Monday night.


Mark it.

If you want to help Lone Star and go out to bat quality TV, you might start by ReTweeting Killen’s link to his blog post.

Monday night, then. I’m in the UK, so there’s no way I can tune in. Can one of you tune in on an extra set for me?

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