This Trailer For The All Star Superman Movie Has Got Me Worried

Posted by September 23, 2010 Comment

MTV have unveiled the trailer for All Star Superman, the animated adaptation of the Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely comics considered by some (and very probably rightly) to be the finest hour yet for the beefy Kryptonian.

Here it is:

Clearly, these clips show nothing like the calibre of draftsmanship we saw in the comics, and the animation leaves a lot to be desired too. And what’s more, I found the voice acting to feel rather stilted throughout. Oh dear. I’m honestly worried now.

We got to hear James Denton as the Man of Steel, and Anthony LaPaglia as the Man with a Chrome Dome, while Christina Hendricks’ Lois Lane didn’t make a peep. Maybe she hasn’t recorded her lines yet. Maybe she’ll blow us away with a nuanced and refined performance.

Well, win, lose or draw, this is still going to be essential curiosity viewing for a phenomenal amount of Little Bleeders, I’m sure. I know I won’t be able to resist it.

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